Planning A Ski or Snowboard Trip – Making Your Vacation In The Snow Memorable

If you are like us you can not wait for winter to arrive and are already planning your upcoming ski and snowboard trips long before the snow arrives. Regardless if you are a seasoned snow enthusiast or this year will be you first time taking to the slopes there are certain topics you should not only know about but research thoroughly. We see lots of visitors every year come to the snow unprepared and surprised to be met with and unexpected and at times it can be difficult to adjust or compensate being so far away from the main town and city. We want our customers to arrive happy and leave happy and we thought this image highlighting a well planned ski or snowboard trip is great reminder for us all of just a few of things we should be taking into consideration when determining what resort is best for us. Its also an opportunity to pick up a tip or trick that might make your vacation or stay successful. Lets take a look at some of our favorites.

Planning A Ski or Snowboard Trip Tip #1: How Many Chair Lifts, Gondolas and Trails Are Available For Use

Its always good to check out all the trails and transportation options and choices before you arrive to any ski and snowboard resort. This will not only give you a good idea of the size of the mountain you will be visiting but also a great perspective on if the terrain will match your skills and expectations. Also check speed and typical wait times as well as all of the above will make a big difference on how your overall experience goes.

Planning A Ski or Snowboard Trip Tip #2: Check Costs and Pass Access

While skiing and snowboarding are not cheap sports that does not mean there are not plenty of chances to save in many areas on a visit. Be sure to check with local related retailers as often ski and snowboard resorts will offer deals and discounts through partnerships. Buying season passes early or “pre-season” is often another way to save big bucks on your snow time. Sometimes resorts will run specials based on day of the week or time of year so its always good to call and see what promotions are going on. Not only will the above tips help you save before hand but they will also go along ways towards eliminating any budget surprises that could possibly pop up.

Planning A Ski or Snowboard Trip Tip #3: Bring The Right Clothing and Supplies

While this one is not on the image bringing the appropriate clothes and supplies on your next ski or snowboarding trip is something we can not stress enough. Its also wise to call ahead of time to the resort you are visiting to see what kind of shops and amenities they have just in case you forget something or need to pick something up. Checking weather reports, consulting expert guides and packing extra are all wise approaches to assuring you are prepared properly. Like they say expect the best but plan for the worst. Remember be smart, take your to research and plan and we look forward to seeing your smiling face on the mountain.