Best Exercises To Train With Before Your Next Snowboarding Trip – Shaping Up To Hit The Snow

Despite the fact that we get the opportunity to snowboard on a regular basis during the season we still feel like it is an exceptionally extraordinary treat to get the chance to go snowboarding so often. Its an opportunity to invest our energy outside, to work out, to test the limits of ourselves, to associate with companions all while unwinding and having a fabulous time. Snowboarding allows all of us to get our heart rates up while finding joy and beauty in the unstoppable forces of life which are both perfect ways to reinforce well being. Regardless if its getting a new powder day in, hitting snowboard parks for a few tricks, going on some back country runs or simply unwinding on the bunny slopes with the little children snowboarding really provides something for everybody to enjoy and participate in. Snowboarding permits you to express yourself while also giving you the capacity to turn on your innovative side. While most of us comprehend why snowboarding is so much fun we think there are certain approaches we can take to add considerably more happiness to your experience on the mountain and we believe exercise and staying fit is a big factor in the this. Working out can play a major role in how ready you are for the snowboarding experience which is why we always encourage more of it for all levels of Snowboarders. Here are a few of the more sport specific exercises you can do to really prepare your body for the times you will be out on the Mountain shredding.

Snowboarding Exercise Tip and Trick Number 1: Squat Leaps

For this exercise you will want to begin with your feet shoulder-width apart. Squat down so your thighs are parallel to the floor, then leap as high as you can into the air while attempting to land gently on the balls of your feet. You can perform this workout almost anywhere and requires no equipment which is why we love it. This will help you develop your quads and gluteus which is ideal for the carving and aggressiveness of snowboarding.

Snowboarding Exercise Tip and Trick Number 2: Standing Single Leg Bends

Another exercise that requires no equipment and little room is the standing single leg bend which is one of our favorites as well. Performed by lifting your left leg behind you and slowly bend your right knee (right knee should not pass the front right toe), and then coming back up and repeating. When you get to your last repetition try holding it and counting to 30 seconds, Switch legs and reps as appropriate. Again we are working on our legs, balance and coordination all of which can do wonders for our snowboarding prowess.

Snowboarding Exercise Tip and Trick Number 3: The Plank

All the plank really comes down to is getting into the starting position for a pushup. With your hands underneath your shoulders hold your core and butt tight for twenty and thirty seconds at a time and then repeat as needed. One thing we really about the plank is not only are there a lot of different variations to try but also that it gives us that full body workout we love to have as snowboarding often test all your muscles. If you are looking for entire snowboarding preparation exercise or workout routine its worthwhile to start reading reviews like the CIZE reviews to find the perfect program for your specific situation and needs.