Three Items To Bring On Your Next Snowboarding Trip


Three Items To Bring On Your Next Snowboarding Trip – Bringing Even More Magic To Your Mountain Experience


Even though we get to snowboard everyday during the season we still feel like it is a very special treat to get to go snowboarding on any day. Its a chance to spend time outdoors, exercising, challenging yourself, socializing with friends all while relaxing and having fun. Snowboarding gives us all a chance to get our heart rates up while spending time with mother nature which are both know to bolster health. Regardless if its catching a fresh powder day, hitting snowboard parks for some jumps, going on some backcountry runs or just relaxing on the bunny slopes with the little kids snowboarding truly does provide something for everyone. Sure most of us are not going to be like the professionals we see on television and in the movies but that is the beauty of snowboarding, you do not have to be to still enjoy the sport. Snowboarding allows you to express yourself while being able to turn on your creative side. While most of us understand the reasons behind why snowboarding is so much fun we think there are always ways to add even more enjoyment to your experience on the mountain. Here are just a few considerations and recommendations to take into account the next time you plan to head out on the slopes.


Snowboarding Trip Unique Packing Recommendation Number 1: Beef Jerky


An absolute perfect snack filled with tons of protein some beef jerky is an ideal pick me up for anytime of the day while out shredding. Not only does beef jerky travel well but it also comes in a wide variety of forms and flavors. There is even such a thing as vegetarian beef jerky so no one is left out on this always wonderful treat. Filling and providing boosts of energy beef jerky is just what any active Snowboarder needs for a long day on the mountain. How could you not take it as it fits so easily in a pocket. Don,t forget to share some with chair lift friend either. It will make some ones day for sure!


Snowboarding Trip Unique Packing Recommendation Number 2: Vape Pen, Dab Pen or Wax Pen


Whenever you are spending time in natural environments and especially when you plan to cruise around on your snowboard all day there is nothing better then to maximize the amount of rest and relaxation you get after the day is over. We like to grab our vape pens and wax pens while sitting in the hot tub. Its great for the muscles and the mind. Kicking back with your favorite vape pen or wax pen after a long day on the mountain is a perfect way to wind down and get the most out of your mountain experiences.


Snowboarding Trip Unique Packing Recommendation Number 3: Waterproof Camera


If you are having all this fun its very important to not forget to document all the great times and fantastic memories. So often in life we do not take enough pictures and we miss on those opportunities to share our experiences with others and look back on our lives in vivid detail. Cameras are so affordable and user friendly these days there is no reason not to be snapping and especially when you are doing something as fun as snowboarding. Do you have a favorite item you like to take with you on your snowboarding trips? To read more about snowboarding be sure to stay tuned to the website for more updates.